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Porsche 911 Sport Classic

"Porsche 911 Classic" we have just finished building a very rare replica of a car only 250 originals ever built worldwide by Porsche based on a 997 Carrera with 19" Fuchs wheels,

If you can find a 2010 PORSCHE 911 Sport Classic for sale it would cost you over the basic list price of £140,543.00. Car No: 6 of 250 went for £145,000.00

Build cost? We can make this car in the "correct colour" which means a complete re-spay and colour change for your vehicle or if you have a 997 Carrera we can leave it the colour it is.

- Front bumper with lower front spoiler
- Rear Bumper with twin exit for exhaust tips
- Exhaust tail pipes stainless steel Round Design
- Duck tail spoiler with 3rd brake light
- Roof Section with detailing
- 19" Fuchs alloy wheels & tyres
- Badges & Decals
- Classic Rear indicators & control units
- Front drive / fog lamps & Side repeaters

If you are looking to buy a car to make this 911 classic look best advice is to find a 997 Carrera 4 (C4 are wide body) with out a sunroof as this would save you some parts and labor cost, how ever a 997 C2 will also be fine. Please always allow a little extra in your budget to cover trim parts like rubber seals or washer jet covers that may bend, brake or snap during the project.

You could make this based on a 997 convertible and have the “the Speedster" version!