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Engine Rebuild Parts

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About Engine Rebuild Parts

Whether you are planning a complete engine overhaul or small gasket change on your Porsche Engine, we have the right parts for the job. We source a vast variety of parts from O-Rings to Crankshafts from the most reputable Porsche engine spares manufactures, Victor Reinz, Elring, Goetze, Mahle and Federal-Mogus to name just a few.

We are able to provide a complete range of engine rebuilding tools and parts for modern and classic Porsches. We offer everything from small intricate belts, chains, and system parts, to IMS bearings, Cylinder Heads, Crankshafts, Camshafts, and Porsche Engine Mounts.

We also offer an amazing range of direct-to-head throttle bodies. We provide throttle bodies for the Porsche for the 911, 964, Air-cooled classics. These cool bits of kit can help get you to get more horsepower, torque and vastly increased throttle response.

In the same vein of Porsche improvements & modifications, we also offer plenty of Turbochargers and all the necessary accompanying needed to get them fitted on your car.

What are the most common Porsche engine issues?

Engine smoke which can be caused by faulty oil separators or overfill of oil. IMS bearing failures can be a common and devastating occurrence for the Porsche 996 between a certain production date. Depending on when detected, this issue may be correctable with the replacement of the IMS, using our handy kit, or if the failure has caused further damage. If more damage has occurred it may require a complete engine rebuild or replacement.

Excessive engine smoke is a sight suitable for any Porsche owners nightmares. Luckily, in many cases, it is no cause for concern. Potentially it could be caused by something as simple as an excessive overfill of oil - A common mistake made by non-Porsche specialist garages.

Another fairly common cause of your engine smoking is an issue with the oil separator. This component separates the air from oil and commonly fails internally. If you begin to see smoke coming from your 996 or 986 it is imperative that you speak to a Porsche specialist!

Do I need to rebuild my engine?

Cover IMS bearing issues timing belt problems, some issues can be avoided with routine car maintenance, such as oil changes, regular checks, some issues may need one specific part, such as exhaust manifold replacement for engines with fumes escaping, some drastic issues require a whole engine to be rebuilt.

Sometimes an engine rebuild is to get things good as new and sometimes it’s to squeeze some extra power under the hood. A diverse range of Porsche’s can benefit from an Porsche engine rebuild, including the 917, 935 and the 962, all air-cooled engine types, right the way through to 997 GT3’s and turbo engines.


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