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Design 911 Design 911 supply Porsche parts, Porsche spares and Porsche accessories, to both retail and to the trade. Our Porsche product and accessory range includes brakes, exhausts, tyres, wheels and Porsche panels and interiors. +443456003478 Facebook Instagram


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About Accessories

Here at Design 911, we have one of the widest ranges of Porsche auto accessories on the internet. You need it, we sell it, from small personal touches such as Car Fresheners all the way up to Child seats, Race Numbers and Workshop Tools.

If you spend just a short time browsing our top quality and timeless products, you are sure to have whatever you require on its way to you in the post as soon as possible!

Our range of Porsche Auto Accessories cannot be beaten, so we wouldn’t recommend wasting your time looking elsewhere.

Which Porsche Accessories Are Essential?

Now while not legally required, there sure is a selection of Porsche accessories which are absolutely essential! Your Porsche sure deserves to be kept in top condition all year round, allowing you to preserve (or increase) its value as time passes.

We have a fantastic range of cleaning products which will help you keep your car in tip-top condition, without leaving your garage at home. Once you have spent time cleaning your miracle of mechanics, why allow dust and dirt undo all of your good work?

We have some brilliant (including custom made) car covers, for both indoor and outdoor environments which give your car’s paintwork that extra essential layer of protection when kept in storage.

We even have a bunch of Porsche Car Accessories designed to give you peace of mind.

These products include classic Tyre Pressure Gauges - which allow you to check your tyre pressure on the go, and Electronic GPS Tracking units. These units are the most effective way to make sure that your car stays exactly where you left it at all times.

These clever bits of kit can even monitor the speed of your vehicle, so you know just how well your car is treated if you lend it to a friend or family member!

What Safety Accessories Should I Get For My Car?

Now the answer to this question may change depending on which country you reside in. In some EU countries, you are required by law to carry regulation meeting Warning Triangles and a High Visibility Jacket!

We have you covered! We are able to offer you a full range of safety equipment for your vehicle including Fire Extinguishers & First Aid Kits. We are even able to provide you with fire extinguisher mounts so that you can fit them to your car properly!

When driving any car, it is worth remembering that there are plenty of rules and regulations out there that you need to abide by, as they are implemented for you and your family's safety.

Child seats are a great example of this, UK law, for example, dictates that a child must use a Child Car Seat until they are 12-years-old or 135cm tall.

We are able to hook you up with official Porsche branded child car seats along with protective underlays, which will help protect your Porsches interior from the worst that the little ones can throw at it!


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