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Hi Flow Air Filters

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Alpha performance high-flow air filters for Porsche Macan
Code: ALP.24.08.0001
Alpha performance high-flow air filters for Porsche Macan


The Alpha Performance Porsche 997.1TT Intercooler System utilizes a pair of 5.5" thick, high volume cores giving you the most power producing upgrade on the market. Each core provides optimum fin density for unmatched cooling.

Porsche 997.1 Turbo


More Air In Equals More Horsepower Out

The new Alpha Performance Porsche Macan High-Flow Air Filters are exactly what your performance SUV needs to take deep breaths and produce more power! Simply dropping this filter into your Porsche's stock air box alone quickens throttle response and livens up the top of the powerband. This is the first in a long line of performance parts you can expect from Alpha for the Porsche Macan. The engineering behind our high-flow filters is what sets them apart.

The Latest in Filter Technology

Our Alpha Performance Filters are made with materials specifically designed for automotive applications. They consist of a synthetic non-woven multi-layer structure. The filter does NOT use oil or chemicals of any kind to aid filtration and will not degrade over time with exposure to varying temperatures and humidity like similar cotton based filters. This creates consistent performance between cleanings over the lifetime of the filter. The filter is easily cleaned by blowing compressed air across the media from the inside out to blow off residual dirt and dust.

Engineered to Maximize Flow

Each Alpha Performance High-Flow filter flows an incredible 640 cubic feet of air a minute. The filters being able to move this much air makes them effective to over 800 horsepower in the V6 powered Macan. To take it one step further the filtration media is tested using the ISO 5011 Fine Testing Standard to a minimum of 97% efficiency rating.

Let your Porsche breath, order your Alpha Performance High-Flow Macan Air Filters today!

Air Filters and Tooling Made in the USA!

Exclusive Benefits:

• High-Flow, Dry Media Filter
• Dry Media Filter Means NO OIL
• Easy Maintenance
• Good to over 800 HP in the V6 model
• Flows Over an Impressive 640cfm
• Fine Tested to a Minimum 97% Efficiency Rating

Product Notes

The filters use specially designed media that allows performance and efficiency to be restored to near new each time by simply using compressed air (30-40 psi) from the inside out, making frequent washing unnecessary in order to restore filter performance. For a deep cleaning from extreme environments, a biodegradable cleaner such as Simple Green or other mild shop degreasers can be used. Simply place the filter in a solution or spray the cleaner on the filter. Allow the solution to loosen the particulate and then rinse thoroughly. Shake the filter or use compressed air from the inside outward to remove residual water and allow a full day to dry.
Special Offer
BMC Air Filter. Porsche 95B Macan 2014>> (Part No. FB812-01)
Code: FB867/04
BMC Air Filter


This Product Fits:
Porsche 95B Macan 2.0L 2014>>
Porsche 95B Macan 3.0L V6 S DIESEL 2014>>
Porsche 95B Macan 3.0L V6 GTS 2015>> [2 FILTERS REQUIRED]
Porsche 95B Macan 3.0L V6 S 2014>> [2 FILTERS REQUIRED]
Porsche 95B Macan 3.6L V6 Turbo 2014>> [2 FILTERS REQUIRED]

Panel Filter Size:
- width - 261 / 188 mm
- height - 113 mm

Oil quantity for regeneration (gr): 37

BMC air filters are designed and produced to ensure a higher air flow than original paper filters. In F1, for example, BMC cotton filters minimize the loss of air flow pressure passing through the air filter; this way ensures the best conditions for full exploitation of maximum power. Therefore the benefits of replacing the original paper filter with BMC cotton air filter, produced using the same technology and materials as the F1 air filters, are evident.

Qualified engineers using advanced software and expert technicians using the latest technologies produce BMC air filters. An F1 filter must be very light, must be made of the best raw materials and must improve performance. For this reason we use only alloy mesh with epoxy coating to ensure protection from petrol fumes and from oxidization due to the humidity of the air. The filtering material is composed of a special cotton gauze soaked with low-viscosity oil to give you the best air permeability.
Best Price
K&N Air filter. Porsche 95B Macan
Code: E-0660
K&N High Performance replacement air filter.
2 required per car. Sold as EACH.


Porsche 95B Macan 2014-18
* I1L0 - normal air cleaner

• Height 3.625 in (92 mm)
• Width 7.375 in (187 mm)
• Length 9.875 in (251 mm)
• Weight 2.7 lb (1.2 kg)

K&N® washable, reusable High-Flow Air Filters™ feature a state-of-the-art design of layered, oiled cotton media engineered to improve airflow and capture contaminants, and are designed to provide an increase in horsepower.

Each performance air filter is reusable, engineered to last for the entire lifespan of your vehicle, and backed by K&N's 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty.

K&N drop-in replacement filters are designed to install easily into your factory air box.

Works with Original Equipment Manufacturer Vehicle Electronics.

Environmentally Friendly, K&N Reusable Air Filters

Upgrade today and start enjoying superior airflow and superior performance from K&N's most popular product!

Click 'Zoom in' for large parts diagram.
Diagram ref no 5
Special Offer
K&N Filter care service kit aerosol - international
Code: 99-5000EU
K&N Filter care service kit aerosol - international.


K&N Recharger Kit 99-5000EU is designed for cleaning your K&N oiled cotton air filter when it is time to be serviced.

Part 99-5000EU is labeled in English, Spanish, Swedish, Polish and Czech for use in Europe.

The kit comes with K&N Power Kleen air filter cleaner and air filter oil.

99-5000EU will restore air flow efficiency and will bring your K&N oiled cotton air filter to like new condition. K&N Power Kleen works to dissolve the dirt build up and old filter oil, and can be washed away with water. After the air filter fully dries re-oil your air filter then reinstall it.

This Recharger Kit comes with a 204 milliliter aerosol spray can of oil and a 355 milliliter K&N pump bottle of Power Kleen air filter cleaner.

NOTE: This product has got shipping restrictions for export

Please note this item can not be sent out by plane. Deliveries only to European countries by road service
Special Offer
DISPLAYING 1 to 4 (of 4 products)
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