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PMO Carburetors

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About PMO Carburetors

The PMO carburetor was designed from the beginning to be a state-of-the art carburetor. They start off with a casting designed around a 50mm throttle plate and downsized to 46 and 40mm to achieve three different sizes. They use an excellent material and process: A-356 aircraft aluminum and permanent mold casting. Permanent mold casting is a preferred method in the aerospace industry. This compares favorably with conventional carburetors, including Weber, which are die cast pot metal.

Since they designed a larger carburetor from scratch, the air entry and flow is much greater than the three barrel Weber. This is accomplished by having larger main barrels in the throttle body, tapering the top covers and then installing larger diameter velocity stacks of corresponding taper. This maintains the boost from the velocity stacks down to the exact point where it operates on the auxiliary venturis.

  • Ball Bearing Supported Single Throttle Shaft
  • Replaceable Idle Air Jets
  • Float Bowl Sight Glass
  • Full Range of Venturis, Jets, Emulsion Tubes
  • Float Bowl & Float Improvements
  • Two Sizes of Auxiliary Venturis
  • Heat Treated Aluminum Permanent Mold Castings

NOTE:PMO recommends using their Carburetor Insulator Kit, between the head and the manifold when installing these carburetors. Insulators restrict heat transfer from the head to the carburetor float bowl to prevent percolation. The kit includes insulators for two carburetors, gaskets, and longer stainless steel head studs. When purchasing Carburetor Insulator, Manifold to Head, Kit. Include information of carburetor size, year/type of head, and intake port diameter.


Design911 recommends that upon removing manifolds, simply apply liquid wrench to the base of the stud and let stand for a day or two before attempting to remove the head studs.

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