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Engine Electrical

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About Engine Electrical

We are able to provide a huge range of electrical components for a wide range of products available from this category. We are able to provide a huge range of electrical components for a wide range of Porsches from every time period of its history.

We sell both genuine and aftermarket products, so whether you need a new Alternator, Car Battery, or Starter Motor, we can get it shipped out to you from our warehouse located in Essex, England.

Why would I need Porsche Engine Electrical Parts?

You may be looking to upgrade part of your car to increase performance, or to correct a fault that has occurred. If either of these is the case, chances are you will be looking for reliable Porsche Electrical Parts. Our website allows you to select your Porsche model and year, and then filter out all of the irrelevant results, allowing you to easily find what parts your car needs.

Not everything in a Porsche is able to last forever unfortunately, a prime example of this is car batteries. On average, car batteries last around 4 years, do you have a spare ready? We have a wide range of high quality and reliable batteries suitable for modern and classic Porsches. We are also able to provide battery accessories like Porsche Battery Chargers and Porsche Battery Maintainers.

If you drive a car that you also use on the track you may also require some Porsche Electrical Safety equipment, such as our Porsche Kill Switch an mount by Rennline. These switches kill the engine in the event of an emergency, stopping a dangerous scenario before bad turns to worse!

What electrical parts should I consider when re-

building my Porsche's engine?

We have been blessed with more variations of Porsches then imaginable in the last 70 years or so, and as you can imagine there are hundreds of different Porsche electrical parts, and it is very important that you buy the correct part for your exact Porsche model and year. Technology sure has changed over the last century, and so have Porsches.

If you are unsure on which Porsche Engine Electrical Parts your Porsche needs, please do give our technical team a call, they should be able to help you identify your Porsche & the specific parts which you require. Buying a component for the same model of Porsche but from a different year may not work, it is of utmost importance that the correct parts are bought for the correct car!

Electric Engine Parts can include anything from Porsche Alternators Wiring Harnesses, Fuel Pumps, Temperature Sensors, Oil Temperature Sensors, Speed Sensors, Relays and Fuses and much more.

In fact, we would wager that if a Porsche engine Electrical Part is still in production, then we can have it at your door in no time! And if genuine parts are no longer in production there is still a chance we are able to get an aftermarket part out with our couriers and to your door in no time.

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