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Pedal Cluster

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About Pedal Cluster


Here at Design 911 we sell every Porsche Pedal Part that you could possibly require! We are able to provide a wide range of Accelerator Pedal & Parts, Brake Pedal & Parts, Clutch Pedal & Parts, Footrests, Floor Boards RHD Cars, Floor Boards LHD Cars, Pedal Accessories RHD, Pedal Accessories LHD Cars, Accelerator Cables.

What are the most common issues with car pedal


One common problem with Porsche Clutches, Is when the clutch pedal does not return all the way up after it is released.  The last 2 inches of travel when released is very rough and sticky. The piston inside the clutch pedal assembly can sometimes be exposed to dust and dirt causing friction on the piston travel.

I cleaned the piston and lubricated all the connecting linkage and used lithium silicon grease to grease the piston rod. Once this process has been completed the pedal should feel smoother and it will return to the original position after release.

If you notice that the cause of the problem is damage or any defect on the parts involved then it may be time to order in some replacement Porsche Pedal Cluster Parts.

When to replace your Porsche's pedal parts

Pedals showing resistance or worn out grips may need replacing. If your pedals get lots of use and are starting to become more slick and worn, you may be increasing your risk of slipping and making a mistake whilst driving.

This is something worth taking every measure possible to avoid. A fresh set of pedals or upgraded pedals may be the best path forward.

If you use your car on the track then you may want some more race orientated pedals, you may also prefer to drive with aluminium manual Porsche Pedals, or if you prefer pedals with rubber grips we can also provide those.

So whatever you prefer, functionality or aesthetics, we are able to provide the highest quality Porsche Pedal Parts possible, and we are able to get them in the post and out to you quicker then you'd think.

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