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Single camshaft position sensor for sequential ignition / injection upgrade. Porsche 911 - 93060250052
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Single camshaft position sensor for sequential ignition / injection upgrade. 
The single sensor unit is for cars that already have a separate crankshaft sensor, either on the flywheel, or an existing crank pulley sensor


Porsche 911 2.7 - 1974 to 1978 (CIS injection)
Porsche 911 SC 3.0ltr - 1978 to 1983
Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera - 1984 to 1989

Single sensor – This unit has a singe sensor inside the body that detects one single tooth. This shaft rotates at half engine speed, so this sensor picks up once every 720 degrees. This is used to tell the ECU when it is on the compression stroke. The single sensor version needs to be used in conjunction with an existing crank position sensor, either on the pulley, or on the flywheel as common on the 964/993 or cars that have had their flywheel machined for a sensor pickup

Why do you need this system and what is a crankshaft position sensor? 

When converting classic Porsches to modern electronic fuel injection, the engine control unit (ECU) needs to know exactly where the crankshaft and camshaft is in its 4 stroke cycle and how fast they are spinning.  This allows the ECU to correctly time each spark and fuel injector opening time and duration. A sensor is pointed at the crankshaft pulley or flywheel and measures a pulse for every tooth.  There is one missing tooth and from this the ECU can work out what the crankshaft position is relative to this missing tooth. The time between pulses gives the engine speed and rate of change.  

The 3.2 Carrera / 964 / 993 already have a sensor on the flywheel to measure crankshaft position so these engines only require one senor for camshaft positioning. This sensor is installed in the body our module, and measures a single tooth at the top of the drive shaft.  As this is installed in the distributor hole, this is geared to run at half engine speed, so will produce a pulse once every 720 degrees.  With these two sensors, the ECU knows the exact position the engine is in its 4 stroke cycle.  And now, we can run accurate sequential injection and ignition.

Our kit uses high speed digital hall effect sensors for a digital output to the engine control unit, these are best run at 8V, most modern ECU's have an 8V output dedicated for crankshaft sensors.

Machined aluminium housing and anodised finish, complete with maintenance free bronze bush and sealed for life roller bearing.  These sensors are quite adjustable so are often able to be used with existing crank pully and trigger wheel setups from other quality vendors.

Sync 1 Sensor Kit Includes:

  • Main body assembly
  • ZF Hall effect sensors, single tooth for engine cycle sensing x 1
  • Wiring and connectors, with pins and connectors for connecting to your wiring loom.

For use when you already have some other crankshaft position sensing either on the flywheel or pulley and just need to add an engine cycle/sync sensor to complete your sequential system.

This replacement kit fits to the OEM distributor location using your own factory distributor gear. Simply remove the factory distributor gear from your install the gear, wire to your ECU, fine tune the sensor air gap to the crank trigger disc, setup the reference position in the ECU and you have all the sensing you need for the latest sequential fuel and ignition systems.  This kit works on the  964, 993 and with the turbo distributor gears.

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