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Lambda oxygen sensor. (AFTER CAT) Porsche 996 / 997 / GT3
Code: 99660617801/3
Lambda oxygen sensor


Porsche 996 C2/4 02>> (after catalytic converter)
*Cars with M661 stricter emission control concept

Porsche 997 C2/4 >>05 (after catalytic converter)

Porsche 996 GT3 MKII 04>> (after catalytic converter)

The Oxygen Sensor (also known as Lambda Sensor) is located in the exhaust manifold and measures the amount of unburned oxygen in your engine's exhaust. Based on the amount of oxygen, it sends a signal to your engine computer which then adjusts the air/fuel mixture for optimum engine performance and emission control.

Failure Symptoms:
Excessive fuel consumption, a faulty oxygen sensor can waste 30% of your fuel.
Driveability problems, such as engine surging or hesitation.
High hydrocarbon emissions, failing an emissions inspection.
The engine warning light may be on or service flag displayed.
The ecu/computer stores a mixture-related fault code.
When the oxygen sensor has stopped functioning completely, the catalytic converter may overheat and fail

Test and/or replace every 30,000 miles.
Perform periodic emission checks.
Watch for service light.
Vehicle manufacturers recommend periodic inspection and replacement of oxygen sensor.
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